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Share Your Experience With Technology In The Classroom

Share Your Innovation Here!

You’ve spent a tremendous amount of energy on procuring, allocating, incorporating, trouble-shooting, and defending technology for your classroom, let those efforts be made known, recorded and learned from!  By posting your experiences here you will be able to share them with an ever expanding audience of heroic teachers and “big dogs” in the ed. tech field. Please feel free to post on any number of topics. The sky’s the limit!

Use this form to record, share and celebrate your use of technology to optimize teaching, improve students’ outcomes, and redefine the potential of public education.

If this form isn’t able to sufficiently capture your innovation, email any and all supporting documents, files, links or other media to: so we can post them to our gallery.



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  1. September 12, 2011

    Uhm, grammar mistake I think: “so in each QR code was a number of an exercise…” I actually meant: “Each QR code contained the number of an exercise…”
    My apologies, we bilingual speakers have the tendency of writing one language while thinking on the other one.

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