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Beta Educational Technology

The Goods: Beta Ed. Tech. Seeks Reviewers

  1. Story Lines 
  2. Word Kung Fu Both of these beta technologies are being developed by Root-1. I’m meeting with Root-1 team member Vibhu Mittal tomorrow to learn more about these and to let him know that he’s got a varsity squad of educators ready to share their insights.
  3. Enter The Group 

Don’t know much about this one but it sure looks sweet!

If anyone feels like creating a review of the beta technologies below PLEASE DO! I would love to see what some of your ideas are! If you want any ideas about creating a report, you can check out the ones I did over the summer. Be creative, make it your own, and most importantly provide these guys with ACTIONABLE feedback-feedback that tells them what action they need to take to make it optimize your practice and improve student outcomes. ***Let the team know what you think! Submit your reports here 

The Better Beta’s: Recently Reviewed Beta Technology





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