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Student Centered Tech. – A Glimpse From the Cutting Edge

February 7, 2013


Over the past few years, the onus for technology purchase decisions has shifted from superintendent, to principal to committee and teachers themselves. Tonight, I propose we consider what the next step will look like, what it will mean to make these investments truly student centered. Since working at McNair Academy, here’s what I and other instructional technology teachers have developed:

1. The purchasing decisions should be based on observations and reports gathered during pilot studies with sub-groups of students who are targeted for support. 

2. The introduction and instruction that accompanies district or school-wide roll out is created by students. Teachers are invited into the classrooms where sub-groups are piloting the programs. These teachers can actively participate in the pilot and learn/develop best practices for using new technology.

3. The technology of tomorrow is shaped during today’s lunch period. For realz! When students get chance to meet with entrepreneurs and beta test their programs and products over lunch its a positively transformative opportunity for everyone.

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