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Dear Innovative Educator Network,

February 21, 2012


Dear Innovative Educators,

I am excited to announce that the initial vision of beta classroom is getting bigger and better! Our name is changing but our mission stays the same as we build off of the lessons learned in Beta Classroom and launch a new venture, called edUpgrade.

No longer the mission of a single teacher, I’ve got two soul-driven co-directors and as a team we’ve got the collective expertise and excitement to maintain the mission and do even more to conntect innovators, support teacher insights, and make technology access more equitable. edUpgrade wants to provide every teacher with the platform to create and manage their own “beta classroom” and become part of a bigger collective movement to put great innovators-the people-not just the institutions-at the center of the ed. tech. conversation.

As a member of Team Beta Classroom, you are among the first to hear the news, and I hope you’ll be among the first to become founding members of the new edUpgrade Teacher Innovation Network. As a member of edUpgrade you’ll get access to the latest educational technologies (for free!), and the chance to share your thoughts and insights with developers and other teachers.Today, I am calling out every rock star educator, punk technologist and friend of our revolution to join edUpgrade and continue our adventure to disrupt the way ed. tech. is created and adopted.

I’ll look forward to seeing you there!


Jennie Dougherty

edUpgrade’s Director of Teacher Innovation

| English Techer | @BetaClassroom

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