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Dear Karen Cator,

February 14, 2012


I love everything about Digital Promise’s mission “to harness the increasing capacity of advanced information and digital technologies to improve all levels of learning and education.” I was immediately drawn to its formation of a League of Innovative Schools to drive innovation in America’s classrooms. When Digital Promise was first launched, I took the opportunity to post an idea to the League’s idea board in order to express my passion for beta classroom’s “league of innovative teachers”. This idea made it to number 3 on the list, but I never heard back from anyone at the organization and assumed that it had no takers. Just this morning, I had the pleasure of receiving the first edition of Edsurge-Instruct from the awesome team at Edsurge. I was overjoyed to read that you, Ms. Cator, the Director of the Office of Educational Technology were currently at the chalkboard drafting out what such a League might be about. In case you missed my post four months ago, I’ve republished it below and hope you will rely on myself and the rest of the rock star teachers in our network to help you create such an extraordinary opportunity.


Jennie Dougherty

edUpgrade’s Director of Teacher Innovation

English Teacher, Brockton High School, Brockton MA.

Captain of Team Beta Classroom

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