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Beta Classroom 2.0 = edUpgrade

February 4, 2012


Calling All Rock Star Educators, Punk Technologists and Friends of our Revolution…

Beta Classroom is the blog of a teacher (me!) who went on a mission to get technology for my classroom, which is situated in one of the largest urban high schools East of the Mississippi. My mission led me to established relationships with programers and CEO’s who are currently developing the latest educational technologies.

I gave them free feedback and they gave me, and eventually a whole team of teachers from across the nation, access to the technology of tomorrow. Our feedback shaped the development of these innovations to meet the needs of our classrooms. These connections provided our students-many of whom are taught in technology deserts-the opportunity to be the first to try cutting edge programs and to have a voice in shaping future development.

From these relationships, I also gained mentors who provided me with angel-like protection and guidance as I continued to discover the value and potential of connecting innovative educators and entrepreneurs. I am honored and humbled by the extraordinary individuals who have supported me in this endeavor.

Today, I am excited to announce that I’ll be making the initial vision even bigger and better with the launch of a new venture, called edUPGRADE, that will build off of the lessons learned in Beta Classroom. In order to do this, I’ll be joined by two soul-driven co-directors. As a team we’ve got the collective expertise and excitement to continue this awesome journey.

At edUPGRADE, we will be getting feedback from our users– teachers and developers–seeing what works, trying new things, and tweaking our model as we go. Right now, our activities are pretty instrumental– connecting teachers to tools, providing feedback to developers– but we see all of this as the means to our even bigger vision where visionary, innovative educators and technologists can come together to  disrupt the way ed tech is created and adopted.

No longer the mission of a single teacher, edUPGRADE will provide every teacher with the platform to create and manage their own “beta classroom” and be part of a bigger collective movement to put great innovators– the people, not just the institutions– at the center of the ed tech conversation.

I am calling out every rock star educator, punk technologist and friend of our revolution to join edUPGRADE and continue our adventure to  disrupt the way ed tech is created and adopted. I’ll look forward to seeing you there!

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