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Beta Make it Short and Sweet

September 2, 2011


Today’s Post is Short, Sweet and Filled With New Ed. Tech. Both Beta and +Beyond)

Shout Outs and Reminders

The numbers of teachers on our team is increasing! Special Shout Out of thanks to those like Matt Crosbie and Shawn Storm who took it active initiative on this first mission!  By completing the second survey and recruiting more teachers to our team, we can make the ed. tech. world understand our potential to provide them with a new channel for the distribution of technology.

 The Goods: Beta Ed. Tech. Seeks Reviewers  

  1. Story Lines 
  2. Word Kung Fu Both of these beta technologies are being developed by Root-1. I’m meeting with Root-1 team member Vibhu Mittal tomorrow to learn more about these and to let him know that he’s got a varsity squad of educators ready to share their insights.

3. Enter The Group 

Don’t know much about this one but it sure looks sweet!

If anyone feels like creating a review of the beta technologies below PLEASE DO! I would love to see what some of your ideas are! If you want any ideas about creating a review, you can check out the ones I did over the summer. Be creative, make it your own, and most importantly provide these guys with ACTIONABLE feedback-feedback that tells them what action they need to take to make it optimize your practice and improve student outcomes. ***Let the team know what you think! Email your reviews to***

More Free Ed. Tech.! FYI This stuff is WAY beyond Beta!

+1. Today, I had the pleasure of meeting with Learn Boost’s Co-Founder Rafael Corrales. Learn Boost is what happens when a beta technology listens actively and empatheticly to teachers AND gets it 100% right. This isn’t a program, its a masterpiece.

+Looking for a way to make an elegant visual? Who isn’t? Cacoo  has stencils, a history feature that lets you undo and redo, collaboration features, and the ability to export your diagrams into PDF, PNG, and other formats. Great for classrooms! And for mapping out your classroom set up. The beauty of this program is something you have to see for yourself.

Like I said, today is short and sweet, but its only because I’ve got another packed day tomorrow, and can’t wait to report back to the team! You guys rock and I can’t wait to see your reviews! Please email them to me at


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  1. September 2, 2011

    I work with at risk students (Ages 15-19) in an alternative ed program. Was looking for a system to keep track of points earned by students for on-task behaviors and stumbled across ClassDoJo yesterday. I’ve started using it today and the students love it.

  2. September 2, 2011

    where would you prefer that I post a review? in the comment section here? or on my blog? I did post directly to the Story Lines site, but there didn’t seem to be a way to do that for Word Kung Fu. Also, the link to Enter the Group does not work. 😦

    I have feedback for ClassDojo as well

    • Laura Drum #
      September 2, 2011

      Would Word Kung Fu eventually allow us to create our own vocabulary lists – similar to

      • September 2, 2011

        Hey Laura! This was precisely the question I had when speaking to the Root-1 Team this morning! You can submit any and all questions or feedback by going to the new “Team” page and clicking the “Report Form” link. I will compile these insights into a report for the company to view. Additionally, those interested in doing a long term beta-test of this product should indicate so on the review form.

    • September 2, 2011

      Hey! I’ve just set up a Team page where you can find a link to the Review form. If there is anything supplemental that you’d like to add to your review you can email it to You reviews will be compiled and presented to the company in the form of a report that they can get on the “access reports” page. You can absolutely post your review on your own blog. By posting them to the review form, you retain all rights to your review, AND guarantee that they will be seen by the companies. All of the feedback submitted on the review form will be collected and presented in a report to the company.

      To clarify: A report is not the same as a review. Any company can get a report. The only way to get a full review is if they make their technology meet the needs of our students and our classrooms. A beta technology is not given a review unless it has proven itself to be a “teacher approved technology” by incorporating our feedback into the development of the program. You can check out reviews of teacher approved technology on the review page. Additionally, you can check out the first video report I did for class dojo, by going to the “access reports” page and clicking on the “Class Dojo” logo

      Thanks for the heads up about the Enter the Group link. It should be fixed now!

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