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The Shape of What’s to Come

August 31, 2011


Dear Team:

I asked about the technology you have, and the technology you dreamed of. I do not have the words to fully express how incredible it was to read each of your responses. We are a fabulously diverse team. In fact, BC members hail from as far away as Canada, Honduras, and Malaysia. This team teaches everything from computer science to foreign language to history. We come from a wide range of schools, including:  public, private, religious, charter, elementary, secondary, urban, rural, and specialized. In spite of these differences, the needs, passions, actions and insights expressed in your emails were strikingly similar. These similarities were in the forefront of my mind today, and remained so when I had the pleasure of speaking with Brandon W. of Edmodo. During today’s conversation Brandon shared some incredible ideas about how Edmodo could be used to build the creative space our team needs to express, support and act on the ideas and insights contained in the emails you sent me.

Now, its up to each of you  to determine the type of platform we need to empower our  interests and incredible energy.  I need to know which elements you are most excited about having, using and contributing to.  The options included on this form represent those that were most popularly expressed in your emails. There is an additional space at the end for you to use to offer any additional suggestions or insights.

Teacher Approved Technologies-Beta-Testing Lab: Dedicated to using “beta” ed. tech. and providing the highest quality user feedback based on its ability to optimize our practice and our student’s outcomes.
Tech. Savvy Gallery: Dedicated to showcasing lesson plans that introduce and integrate technology into their lesson plans. Additionally this page could include assessments for determining students current tech. literacy and lessons used to teach these 21st century skills.
Collaborative Portfolio: Realizing Our Dreams: Dedicated to expressing the things we wish ed. tech. entepreneurs would make for us. Potentially, these ideas could be ranked by popularity and feature a “poly-vore” type tool that allows team members to grab images from around the web and save them to a personal “dream technology” folder.
Discussion Forum: Strategy Session: Somewhere between Department Meeting and Camp David, these regular and thematically focused discussions will start within the team but ultimately involve taking positive and transformational action.
Profiles, Badges and PostingCelebration: Dedicated to celebrating the achievements made along the journey to access technology; achievements may be breakthrough, award winning, hard fought, paper-work nightmare or otherwise.
Blog Posts: Guest Spotlight: All the glory of publication without the responsibility of doing so regularly! That’s the beauty of the spotlight, you choose when you want to step in and step out of it! Regular rotating blog topics could include: The Solution!, The Matrix: dedicated to the intersection of Technology and ,  Rural Tech., The Adventures of Technology in the Classroom (check out Honduras based Team Member Jose Popoff’s adventures here: )
Active Archive: Learning Center: This is where our record of innovative attempts will be shared and recorded, analyzed for lessons learned and transformed into documentation of “best practices” that can be viewed and used by others in the field. Your emails expressed the tremendous energy that has been spent and your efforts should be remembered, recorded and learned from.

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