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Perfection is Overrated…

August 25, 2011


A review doesn’t get posted because it’s good; it gets published because I’ve tried my hardest and I need the last possible second to click “publish”.

When it came to writing a review of Socrative, however, I got to precious about my writing. I couldn’t help it. Sleek, sophisticated, playful…dare I say, sexy even, this technology was way out of my league. I acted like a kid at the top of the waterslide, overthinking it, I lost the opportunity to be the first to write a review, and it hurt cause “Honey, in this business, you’ve always got to get there the firstest with the mostest and the newest.”

Within seconds of realizing my post was in danger of becoming the fourth review,  I posted it. It wasn’t perfect, but perfection is overrated. There were some parts of the original review that I love-my golden nuggets. But there were also some real s*** nuggets. I don’t worry about it. As long as I know the difference, I can use the “update” button as I sift for gold.

As ed. tech. bloggers we can’t let our pride blunt our purpose. Imperfection is painful, but it won’t kill. And a good sift is needed to keep our opinions honest, powerful and read.

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