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Additional Information about Goalbook and Protecting Student Privacy

August 11, 2011


Goalbook is currently being piloted in a wide variety of districts: from large urban K-12 to  smaller suburban districts.  It has also received high interest from private schools, non-public special education schools, supplemental programs, and even parent advocacy organizations.

When you sign up for an account you have to use your school’s email address, and will be required to go into your school account to access a confirmation email in order to complete the registration process.  This verifies that you do indeed own a school district email address.

When you log in to Goalbook for the first time, the system will only allow you to see the photo and initials of students from your school who were previously added to the system. Given the language of FERPA, it appears to me that both forms of identification fall under the category of “directory information” and are far less than what you would find in any school yearbook or newspaper.

As a teacher, you will not have access to any additional information about students until an administrator or existing team member adds you to a student’s team.
Administrators are ultimately responsible for selecting the privacy settings that match their school’s needs. An administrator must apply for an account with Goalbook, which involves a simple process that enables the company to verify their status at the school. An administrator can decide whether or not parents/guardians can be allowed on teams and is the only one with universal access to students’ records.  When applying for an administrative account, individuals must verify their employment before gaining administrative rights.

Goalbook provides security to both students and schools. Our students’ success depends upon our ability to provide them with an effective support network, and the act of communication and documentation are intrinsic to the team’s success.This is the essential take away for those interested in Goalbook. With this program you can ensure that student’s records remain both secure and available to those who need them most.

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