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Unexpected Opportunity

July 30, 2011


After sending EdSurge a copy of the proposed Beta Bill of Rights, I had the absolute privilege of speaking with EdSurge’s CEO Betsy Corcoran. This opportunity was amazing because it allowed me to speak with someone I greatly admire and to learn more about the world of Ed. Tech.

I cannot express how extraordinary it was to speak with her. Even without that seemingly unimaginable opportunity, I would still be overwhelmed by the privilege this journey has been. What started as an email lead me to speak with thoughtful and ingenious entrepreneurs about the things that matter the most to me. These chats have inspired deep reflection on my part, and provided them with insight into what happens in the classroom.

It’s only been a month, but I think something has changed since I began this mission. I recently spoke with an entrepreneur who asked me what I wanted, and I had no answer for him. After thinking on it for a while longer, I realized that there were some wants that were easily to express, and others that I do not fully know how to express.

~ I want to return to the classroom this fall with all the incredible technology I have had the extraordinary privilege of using.

~ I want to be successful as I take my first steps of trying to acquire 30 ipod touches for my classroom, so that my students can take full advantage of all the applications I have gained access to.

~ I want to continue to collaborate with those who are creating new ed. Tech…but I’m unsure of the shape that this collaboration will take…

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