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Letter to Ms. Smith

July 16, 2011


Dear Ms. Smith,

I am a teacher at a large, urban, comprehensive, public high school. I can’t thank you enough for your report “Steering Capital:Optimizing Financial Support for Innovation in Public Education”. It enabled me to fully understand my position in the cycle of innovation and contained the language I needed to express my efforts more effectively.

I am currently on a mission to give my students access to the benefits of the education technology revolution. Such benefits are not equitably distributed to  schools, like the one I work in, but I am working on changing that. I started to make this change by contacting groups like Startl, ImagineK12, and other’s who fund ed. tech. start ups. I contacted them in an effort to create the types of partnerships you discussed in your article.

The purpose of these partnership is to give my students access to technological innovations that have the potential to empower their education and future, as well as provide innovators with “small spaces” for generating feedback, or further demonstrations of their product’s capabilities.

I have spoken to three young innovators from Palo Alto, and given them reviews of their excellent beta technologies. I have also started a blog about my journey to get technology into my classroom, but I am not sure of what my next steps should be.

I am passionately dedicated to empowering my practice and optimizing my student’s learning, which leads me to reach out to individuals like you who are at the very top of the education world. Your record of achievement in the field of education is beyond extraordinary. You have thought outside the box and provided foresight that will forever redefine the potential of public education. Please let me know whether you have any tips on how to further my current efforts.

Thank you so much for your time, and what you have done for our field.


Ms. Dougherty

Excerpt from Ms. Smith’s Reply

Jennie –

What you are doing sounds really amazing. I am so pleased our work has been at least a little helpful to you. You are the one doing the really important work here. We are just trying to help folks be more aware of models for thinking outside the box, as you say.


***I cannot believe Ms. Smith responded! I am speechless and SO excited that she saw another positive impact of her research and efforts!***

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