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EdSurge Announcement

July 16, 2011


According to EDSURGE’s latest newsletter, “The market for edtech information is broken–and we’d like to glue the pieces together.” (And I say Amen to that!) Plans are brewing at EDSURGE to create a website that will:

  • Allow innovators and users of educational technology (edtech) can share what they are doing.
  • Give information on products to educators so that we can decide what will work best for our students! (Yay! Power to the teachers! )
  • Connect developers and educators willing to try out beta products (I just about fell over with excitement when I read this!)
  • Provide fair and frank information on edtech.

Already the recipient of funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, EDSURGE is going to start by looking at the technologies that create blended learning environments.  The newsletter, prompted individuals interested in these endeavors to let them know what information they needed and to get ready to contribute! Well, it was only a matter of minutes before I began writing my response to the edsurge team.

Dear Edsurge team:

I am SO excited about your plans for the EdSurge website! The only information I need to know is how I can help contribute to its creation. I have just finished writing my first review of a beta technology on my blog:

I am working on two more reviews that will be posted to my blog in the coming week. I am overwhelmed by the fact that I have found so many extraordinary individuals interested in including teachers in the edtech revolution. I am unsure of the next steps I should take…

For now, I am continuing to reach out to edtech innovators, focusing on getting my classroom the technology necessary to test out innovations, and waiting to hear from you how I can best support and contribute to your upcoming website.

Please do not feel obligated to reply to this email right away! I know you are VERY busy, but couldn’t resist replying to the incredible announcement in your most recent newsletter.

Sincerely,   Ms. Dougherty

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